Virtual tours are our specialty so we will design your virtual tour with high quality and using 3D technologies.


Google is still a famous site that will help you get more new customers, we are raising virtual tours on Google which will make everyone through Google Maps wandering around your project.

We are the first and only company that can produce 8K quality virtual reality movies with the best equipment in the world.


Here are the benefits of your 3D Virtual Tour

A few things people usually ask us about the process…

How does it work?2019-03-07T11:03:42+00:00

We use a special cameras to capture the entire area. The camera is positioned at set points throughout the home while 3D data and Panoramic photos are collected via a connected iPad. A single home can require between 75 and 200 different scan positions. At each position, the camera rotates a full 360-degrees, stopping at six different points to take images and measurements. It takes less than a minute to capture each scan position.

How long does it take?2019-03-07T11:04:10+00:00

3D scan sessions take longer than a regular photo shoot and depend on the many variables from the size of the space to the weather and number of people on site. With a larger space, more scan spots are required to properly build the 3D Dollhouse structure and to provide Buyers with a logical flow of camera placements to navigate the property. Typically, our Reality Capture Experts will take a little longer than our competitors, because we understand that it’s better to do things the right way the first time and we don’t sacrifice quality for speed. If you are more interested in speed than quality, please call someone else, but if you want your listing to stand out and shine, we are ready to help! An average scan session for us lasts between 2-4 hours.

What do I need to do to get ready?2019-03-07T11:05:18+00:00

Basically, you want to prepare the space as if you were hosting a traditional Open House:

  • The Space should be clean and free from clutter.
  • All of the lights should be on.
  • Pets should be removed from the home during the scan session.

There are a few things that are different for a 3D session. Because our 3D camera “sees” in all directions, and generates thousands of images, The 3D dollhouse model is built electronically by aligning the data of each scan spot with the next. Maintaining this alignment is absolutely essential to building the final 3D model.

Here are a few of the requirements for your 3D scan session:

  • All objects in the home must be left in place during the scan session.
  • Please turn off all fans (including ceiling fans)
  • All doors must be left in the same position for the duration of the scan.
  • You must decide before the session if you want to exclude any areas from the 3D Model
So, Where should my friends and I hang out during the session?2019-03-07T11:05:47+00:00

t is best to have no one in the home during the 3D session. The camera is able to view in 360-degrees and is continually collecting images and stitching visual data. Any movements from people or pets or their reflections in mirrors can be caught by the camera and can’t be removed from the final 3D tour.

If you can’t clear everyone out for the session, then the next best option is to have anyone inside the home move to a different level of the home while the Reality Capture Expert is operating the camera. Other people inside the home must stay away from stairwells or overlooks where the camera may see them looking up or down.

When the Reality Capture Expert moves to a different level, other people in the home can switch locations to yet another level. Depending on the size of the home, the length of time that a level of the home would need to remain cleared is 2 to 4 hours.

Still have questions?2019-03-07T11:06:41+00:00

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